Tuesday, September 19, 2017

'Networked....' is a text-based artwork that simultaneously explores notions of loss and discovery...

'Networked' by donna davis will be installed @ Noosa Woods during Floating Land from 23 September - 2 October 2017.
Species loss is a reality; we are living in an age when large numbers of plants and animals are at risk of becoming extinct, with human intervention being the leading cause.
We are globally networked into the virtual ecology of instant connections and information; however we often feel overwhelmed by ecological issues and feel disconnected or somehow separate from the environment. 
The work creates a series of text which lists all the documented extinct flora, fungi and fauna species from Queensland.  The text appears to grow out from the base of the tree to form a root-like structure on the ground beneath the canopy.
Whilst the text acts to form a sense of loss and remembrance of 'what once was'; the aesthetic of the root structure reminds us of the living networks beneath the surface that sustain life above ground.  With many species within these groups yet to be described or even discovered.....
We often forget that we are intrinsically connected ..... networked into the living ecological system known as Planet Earth!  And we all play a role in its collective well-being.

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