Monday, August 14, 2017

'Art Meets Science' exhibition currently on at Ecosciences Precinct until 8 September 2017

'Untitled (Purga Study 1)', 2017, donna davis, digital print onto transparent acrylic. Image courtesy of the artist.
The annual 'Art Meets Science' exhibition is once again on the Ecosciences precinct, Dutton Park.  The exhibition was officially opened Monday 14 August and will run until 8 September, see Art Meets Science - Exhibition information

This work explores the ecological narrative of the Purga Nature Reserve; home to an isolated population of the endangered Melaleuca irbyana species.  This unique ecological system is home to diverse range of interconnecting networks to maintain and create balance.  This creative representation highlights just some of the diverse and sublime natural elements of the site.  The work references a stained glass window to reinforce the idea of constructing a narrative through the act of looking. 

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