Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Artwork from my 'Unseen' project selected from 'People & Places' exhibition

Landscape Intervention 1, donna davis, 2015, pigment print on hahnemuhle fine art rag.  27 x 30cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
Artist Statement:

Landscape Intervention series explores the often unseen and ephemeral world of fungi; with reference to the endangered Swamp Tea-tree species.

My current project 'Unseen' surveys the types of fungi that grow alongside these trees in order to capture an ecological snapshot, and investigate possible symbiotic connections in this unique habitat.  The human size soft sculptures, created as a 'visual hypothesis' as to the types of fungi thought to grow in this landscape, are the muse for these works.

The works play with the idea of the 'fungi hunt', and the difficult nature of spotting fungi in this distinct landscape; reversing its prominence within the landscape in order to highlight its ecological importance. 

The 'People and Places' exhibition opens on 5 January 2016 at the Ipswich Community Gallery and will run until 22 January.

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