Monday, October 5, 2015

Artwork selected to tour the state in 2016

My artwork "Discovery" has been selected for the 2016 Queensland Regional Art Awards touring exhibition that will go to the following venues around Queensland next year:

Warwick Art Gallery - February
Gallery 107 Dalby - March
Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art - April
Roma Art Gallery - June
Munduberra Regional Art Gallery - August
Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery - November
Tablelands Regional Art Gallery - December

This work explores conservation of endangered flora species in my area, with reference to natural history collections.

Plants and fungi often build symbiotic relationships through their root systems, sharing nutrients to ensure optimum health for both species.  So I began to wonder whether our local endangered plant species shared similar relationships; and if so could this knowledge help conserve these species in our area.

Natural history collections and environmental surveys both past and present can assist in providing valuable data for research and conservation strategies; however often environmental surveys do not include the important world of fungi.

Here I have added fungi to the collection, presenting the specimens in a world of suspended animation, together yet separate, preserved in time and space to await inquiry.  Will new connections between seed, root and fungi be discovered? Could these discoveries aid in species conservation?

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