Monday, May 25, 2015

Beyond the Seed Selected for the 2015 Sunshine Coast Art Prize

Beyond the Seed, 2015, donna davis, pigment print on Hahnemuhle fine art rag. Image courtesy of the artist.
The above work entitled, Beyond the Seed, reflects on the notion of grand design with reference to the power, complexities and interconnectedness of living systems.

Physically constructed from copper wire, to reference energy transfer, and then knitted into tubular filaments to capture the functional essence of roots; this physical form was then digitally crocheted together to create a dynamic interpretation of the intricate, functional and aesthetic nature of these 'unseen' living systems.

The living lifeline systems beneath our feet act like super highways to support life above ground. These complex networks are often shared with other species for mutual benefit, with plants and fungi often building symbiotic relationships through these pathways to ensure optimum health for both species.

With many factors affecting the potential of one tiny seed, this work reveals the dynamic and powerful essence of nature's grand design in its quest to grow and sustain life.

donna davis

This work has been selected for the 2015 Sunshine Coast Art Prize, the exhibition will open 20th August and run until 11th October 2015 at the Caloundra Regional Gallery. For more information check out: 2015 SCAP

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