Thursday, October 3, 2013

QRAA - Living Change 2014 touring exhibition

I have just found out that my work Leaves of Change has been selected as part of the "Living Change" touring exhibition, curated by Tim Morrell.  

Leaves of Change (DETAIL), 2013, donna davis 
Mixed media: copper wire, reclaimed timber, Perspex, nails, circuit boards, 35x25x20cm
Photo by Greg Harm

Leaves of Change: Endangered SEQ flora
(G.gonoclada, M.irbyana, P.eerwah, N.ipsviciensis, P.habrophyllus)

Plants are the living life support system for our planet, however we are losing species at an alarming rate.

Leaves of Change represents five endangered plants, depicting the intricate leaf structure of each species through coiling copper wire around nails embedded into circuit boards; a technique to reference energy production. 

With the ability to gather and create their own energy for survival, plants play a vital role for the health of our planet and in turn, our daily lives; providing intrinsic elements such as water filtration, air quality, climate control, food production, medicinal needs and shelter.  

It is estimated, however, that one in every five plants are vulnerable to extinction, with human activities such as urbanisation, mining and logging threatening their survival.

Portraying plants as living powerhouses, this work invites the viewer to consider the ecological implication of species loss: a ‘living change’ happening in our lifetime, in our communities.

donna davis

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