Sunday, April 21, 2013

Plant Cloning

Photo credit: donna davis
One of the research components of the "Plant Room" project explores plant cloning: a method that can create many plants from the tissue of just one plant, producing exact copies of the host plant.  An accepted technique in the commercial world: this exploration considers the ecological implications of plant cloning in a world where many flora species are on the decline.

I have been conducting cloning trials (aka micropropagation) on one of the species which I am lucky enough to have growing in my back yard: Melaleuca irbyana (Swamp Tea-tree).   The images above show the progress of the Melaleuca irbyana it was very slow in getting started, however, is well on its way now!

As part of my residency - research aspect - I have arranged to spend a day with the horticultural staff in the gardens to learn more about propagation techniques, processes and protocols.

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