Bimblebox: art - science - nature (2012)

To read more about the curatorial aspects of the Bimblebox exhibition see  ARTlink article - December 2013 written by curator Beth Jackson.

Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Sunday 18 May - Sunday 29 June 2014

Opening Event
6pm Friday 16 May 2014
Exhibition Panel Discussion
11:30am Sunday 18 May 2014

Bimblebox: art - science - nature looks at the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, its environmental, social and scientific significance and an artist group's creative response to their experience of this unique but threatened environment from the impact of mining. The exhibition is rich, dynamic and diverse, including artworks in installation, works on paper, painting, artist books, photography, digital media and sound.  Bimblebox: art - science - nature also incorporates aspects of scientific and environmental research and social history of the site.

Redland Art Gallery
REsource (detail), 2013, donna davis. Image courtesy of the artist.

Bimblebox: art – science – nature, is a multi art form exhibition focused on the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, its environmental, social and scientific significance and artists’ creative responses to this unique and threatened quintessential Australian landscape. The exhibition will tour nationally throughout 2014 - 2016, travelling to regional and metropolitan venues in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales.

Curated by Beth Jackson, artists from the east coast of Australia were selected from a diverse range of backgrounds and practices due their long-standing commitment to the environment and the calibre of their work.  Artists include: 

Alison Clouston and Boyd
Luke Roberts
Fiona MacDonald
Gerald Soworka
Donna Davis
Emma Lindsay
Dr Pamela Croft-Warcon, Kaylene Butler & Howard Butler
Liz Mahood
Samara McIlroy
Glenda Orr
Michael Pospischil
Jude Roberts
Jill Sampson
Shayna Wells

The exhibition includes a wide range of art forms, from conventional landscape painting and drawings to interactive sound sculptures, indigenous artifacts, installation and digital photography. An equally wide range of dimensions of work from a ceiling-suspended form to floor-based installations, works on plinths to temporal videos, iconic scaled images to intimate objects provides a rich variety of viewing experiences. 

This exhibition will launch at Redland Art Gallery on 16th May 2014 for information on the opening visit: Redland Art Gallery

Some work in progress from the Bimblebox residency

Bimblebox specimens, donna davis,  2012, pigment print on photographic rag, 60 x 20cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

Untitled (WIP from Bimblebox series), 2012, donna davis. Image courtesy of the artist.
Pigment print on photographic rag

Art joins science in Central Queensland

Artists are to add their work to that of ecologists in the campaign to save a Nature Refuge in central western Queensland - Bimblebox Nature Refuge, near Alpha.

Protected as a remnant of native vegetation in a vast area of cleared grazing land, the Nature Refuge has been the focus for a host of scientific studies in the past decade.  Now more than a dozen notable artists from across Eastern Australia will use their talents to capture the nature of the bushland threatened by plans for a huge coal mine.

Bimblebox artists include: Boyd, Howard Joe Butler, Kaylene butler, Trey Butler, Alison Clouston, Dr Pamela Croft-Warcon, Donna Davis, Emma Lindsay, Fiona MacDonald, Samara McIlroy, Liz Mahood, Glenda Orr, Jude Roberts, Jill Sampson, Gerald Sowarka.

For more information please visit:  Bimblebox Art Project

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