Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Upcoming art-science exhibition at Eco Science Precinct: 8 August - 2 September 2016

Truncated_i, donna davis, 2016, pigment print on fine art rag.  Image courtesy of the artist.  
This work explores our connection and understanding of the natural world; using symbiotic relationships between plants and fungi as the muse.

The physical forms were constructed by weaving images of fungi onto fallen tree branches, using discarded thread from industry waste; to reference the idea of a closed loop ecosystem. These forms were then digitally captured and interlaced to portray just one of the many important ecological processes in the natural world, mycorrhizal associations; where the roots of plants and the mycelium of fungi connect to share nutrient pathways.

The work simultaneously presents both above and below perspectives, to reflect notions of 'seen' and 'unseen', 'known' and 'unknown'; referencing the complexities of understanding ecological systems, which in turn informs our sense of value for sustainable practices.

The work reminds us of the dynamic and interconnected sphere of nature, inviting us to consider a holistic, rather than truncated view of our ecology.

donna davis

This work will be just one of the works on display at the upcoming Eco Sciences Artist-in-Residence 2016 exhibition from 8 August - 2 September 2016.